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Thursday, August 27, 2020

What to do about Constipation, causes and remedies

What to do about Constipation, causes and remedies
Constipation, Causes and Remedies

Many people suffer from temporary constipation after attending various wedding ceremonies and seek advice on this kind of situation. So today's article is for those people.


To talk about the term constipation has different kind of meanings for one person, some people think of constipation if they have irregular bowel movements regularly, while others have constipation if they have harder bowel movements or use too much force to go to the restroom.

Constipation happens when you have a strong bowel movement, or if you feel bowel movements less than three times in a week, or if you spend a lot of time in the bowel movement, or after emptying the bowel by force, or by inserting something into the rectum and also feels that the colon was not empty.

Types Of Constipation:

1. Acute Constipation
2. Chronic Constipation

Acute Constipation:

If the types of constipation occurs for a few days, or if the period of constipation is less than 3 months, then we can call this as temporary constipation. If we give an example like if you go to an event and eat lots of Meat, then you are not having a normal bowel movement for two or three days or you have a harder bowel movement, then this condition means acute constipation.

Whether it has been observed that Mutton, Fish, eats Rice with Eggs etc, three times a day, so there is irregular bowel movement, but if there is hard bowel constipation symptoms appear, if it is less than three months, then it is called temporary constipationOr we see, healthy all year round, eat a lot of protein on the special day, go to different relatives' house the day after an event and eat protein there too, come to the restroom and see that there is no toilet is called temporary constipation.

The Symptoms of Temporary Constipation:

1. The normal habit of defecation will change and it will be abnormal.

2. You may have harder toilets.

3. You will feel pain in the rectum during defecation.

4.  A lot of time will take to apply force when going to the toilet.

5. And also the closet may be small.

6. Stomach may swell

7. Also, may cause abdominal pain

8. There may be occasional air leaks

9. Hunger will decrease

10. You may feel anxious and exhausted

11. Normal functioning will be disrupted

Complications Temporary Constipation:

1. Hemorrhoids or piles: Inflammation of the blood vessels around the anus and bleeding in the anus during defecation, even pain, itching in the anus.

2. Also, Anal Fistula may occur.

3. Urinary irregularities may occur.

4. Urinary incontinence may occur. 


Temporary constipation is mainly due to an abnormal and irregular lifestyle. Like,

1.  Eating less fibrous foods and fewer vegetables may be the reason.

2. Going to the toilet irregularly, keeping the toilet closed.

3. Eating Irregular Meals.

4. Not getting enough sleep, being exhausted, etc 

5. Having problems with IBS.

6. The Side effects of medicine such as calcium channel blockers, anti-spasmodic, anti-diarrheal drugs, iron tablets, aluminum-containing antacids, etc, also one of the reasons.

7. Eating plenty of proteins daily.

What is the daily amount of protein?

According to the Institute of Medicine USA, the requirement of daily protein is 1 gram / kg body weight for an adult, which means that if a person weighs 80 kg, and if he does not do any heavy work, then he needs at least 60 grams of protein every day. But if you do heavy work, you will have to gain 30 grams more, which means you need about 90 grams of protein. It is a protein needed to control normal health functions. However, a healthy person can eat a maximum of 2 grams / kg of body weight daily without any bad effects.

So a person weighing 80 kg can eat a maximum of 120 grams of protein daily without any kind of bad effects. If anyone takes more than this can cause diarrhea or constipation. Meat, fish, eggs, etc are  protein ingredients.

 According to the American Institute of Medicine, 100 grams of cooked meat contains 26 grams of protein, 10 grams of fat and 61-63 grams of water.

So  if you want to get 28 grams of protein from your meals, you need 100 grams of meat, that is, 1 gram of protein requires about 4 grams of meat.

We learned that a healthy light worker weighing 80 kg has a daily protein requirement of 60 grams, so if you want to get that amount of protein from normal meat, 80x4 = 240 grams of meat is enough for you. People weighing 60 kg can eat a maximum of 120 grams of protein or 480 grams of meat daily.

However, it should be divided into three  portions, otherwise Malabsorption syndrome or constipation will occur. In many fields, constipation can occur even if more than 200 grams of protein is eaten every day.


1. Changing your daily lifestyle can cure constipation.

2. Everyone should eat enough vegetable every day.

3. Drink enough water.

4. Avoid junk foods.

5. Avoid extra oily foods. 

6. Also, avoid eating too much protein

7. If possible eat Apple every day because  apples have enough fiber.

8. Proper exercise and proper sleep.

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