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Thursday, September 24, 2020

 hello everybody welcome back today we're

continuing the fall

adventures here on the channel it's cold

outside i'm cold

i've pulled out the boots i've pulled

out the jackets and so today we're going

to do a little

updated current makeup for the fall


i do have a new little base combination

that i've been using and enjoying that i

have mentioned in a few videos already

but today i'm going to show you in full

force let's acknowledge the cecilia in

the room

i blame this wholeheartedly on the mask

it's like

right on the line of where the mask sits

masking is ruining my day quick little

note before we actually

zoom in we heard you guys we saw your

comments on the rare beauty

video and i want you to know we have

upgraded the lens

and now we've got the zoom roll in for

you guys to see

the goodness nice and up close so


hopefully with this new little setup you

will be able to witness all of my pores

and zits as you

wish okay guys let's zoom in and get to

the makeup i'm just gonna do a really

ridiculous pony you know what i ordered

jackiana's silk headbands eons ago

i do believe they were having delays

with international shipping but let me

tell you when those silk headbands come


my filming makeup life will be so easy i

don't know why i've never had a headband

before my god

okay so let's dive into the base guys

i'm gonna start off

with the smashbox primerizer there's a


hydrating vases that i love i always

have them on rotation

pulled out the smashbox primerizer and

it's just like oh

yeah one of those products where you put

it back on and you're like why did i


stop not that i ever stopped but it's


just a tall cool drink i'll water

that one and that's gonna be my

hydration layer then i'm gonna take the

vesca beauty this is the sunrise

little glow primer and you know i do

want some sun in my day

now that fall has started i'm already

i'm already weeping over

the loss of summer and i'm just gonna

put this on the high points

of the face just for some glue it's such

a pretty

pretty little glowy moment love it now

for the foundation

this is a recent discovery of mine i

discovered it when we were in montreal

i had actually forgotten to pack a

foundation dan and i went to the

drugstore and this was sitting there and

i was like wow

honestly i haven't seen that i hadn't

seen anyone talk about it radiant serum

sounds like something that i would love

and like the marketing showed you know

an older beautiful woman it seemed to be

targeted for more mature skin which

is kind of what i love because that

usually means it's going to be a lot

more like

gentle and hydrating as a product in

general so

i wanted to try it and i've been loving

it truly this is the l'oreal age perfect

radiant serum foundation i have the

shade 25

i also had the shade 20. i don't know

how it's going to work today actually 20

was like

a little bit too white like there's

quite a difference between the two

shades and

i don't think shoppers drug mart carried

all of the shades but online they did

have a pretty great

shade range so if it is not please do

tell me otherwise but from what i saw it

looked pretty great

and i have used this with my fingers but

it actually has a lot more coverage than


think and when something has a little

bit more coverage i do

like to use a sponge to kind of help

blend it into the skin but honestly it's

so pretty

it has such a nice finish and yeah i'd

say it's about like medium

medium to full coverage it's quite

buildable but it just

really does look like skin it's it's

great so i'm just taking the beauty


i'm blending this in and it's been so

weird using the beauty blender

again it's been so long since i'm using

beauty blender but i did receive this on

a shoot that i was at

i think because of covet and whatnot

they're not allowed to

reuse their sponges or whatever which

totally makes sense

so the makeup artist gave me the beauty

blender and i was like

thanks so yeah it's been like taking a

trip down memory lane but use whatever

makeup sponge you prefer

i'm just gonna blend this in it just

gives the most

lovely glowy finish over the skin

and it is so long-lasting yeah honestly

it just has the most lovely

truly radiant finish i'll zoom you guys

in here so you can see it a little bit


i put on quite a light layer like when i

use the sponge it definitely blends it

out but

just nice coverage you can still see my


but it's just really pretty i like it a

lot and

with the foundation i'm also using the

age perfect concealer

i have two shades in this little guy

i've got 205 and 210 to be honest i feel

like i've been mixing them i can't

really remember at this moment but

i also really love the concealer this

one's 205

i'm gonna put quite a bit on again just

because i'm using the sponge and that'll

remove a lot of the

excess moments we'll try and just tackle

cecilia over here and then just a little

extra layer i've got a lot of weird


breakouts again i'm completely blaming

the mask there's

not much i can do about it i just try to

ride the wave until

until she calms down but yeah the

concealers are really beautiful under

the eyes it's got a really nice finish

it's also very radiant feeling on the

skin and yeah i'm just really enjoying

this combo even though i'm a little bit

lazy when it comes to setting up the

sponge i do prefer it the most

with the sponge and i have been happily

using it just like that every day but

again you can use your hands to blend it

out but yeah this this concealer is like

really nice oh i might set with powder

later we'll see how i feel so that's the


i just it's one of my favorite bases i

think i've ever used it's so

glowy it's so hydrating very very serum

like i think it's going to be great

as the weather gets colder and we can

continue to hydrate

and continue keeping the summer glow

going as for the mask

honestly i'm going to i'm gonna go into

bronzer now guys i'm gonna use the

benefit hoola i'm probably also gonna

use the nars laguna we'll do a little

mixing combination of the two see how it


um this is the rougher o5 brush

mentioned it before i mention it again

loving it for bronzer um when it comes

to bronzer and the mask

they really they really don't complement

each other well

at all i've just been having like the

worst little lines

of makeup and i've been getting a lot of

like dms and questions from you guys

asking about

makeup for masks and honestly like the

mask is going to eff up the makeup no

matter what like i

i have had lines in my bronzer and i'm

not actively

doing anything to try and prevent that

if that makes sense i'm like whatever if

i'm gonna wear makeup i'm gonna try and

be as careful with like keeping the mask

as loose on the bronzer as i can

because if you don't want the mask to

disturb your makeup i just wouldn't wear

makeup at all honestly

you know if you're wearing a mask if

you're having to wear a mask for work

and you're not going to be taking it off

just just do your makeup nose up you


keep it fresh maybe put a hydrating mask


underneath the mask if you want but yeah

if you have to wear makeup i would just

be sure to pack a concealer and pack

your bronzer and

be prepared to touch up i think if

you're using

cream products cream contour cream

bronzer that makes your life a little

bit easier when it comes to touching up


it'll be a little bit more emollient to

moving around when you're setting the

products in

with powder that's where you're gonna

have a hard time rejigging it if you do

have a little line

happening so yeah i've been having a lot

of lines

on my face from the mask life that's for

sure but that's pretty much my two bits

i i don't have any mask tips for you

either just have makeup that you can fix

or just don't be wearing makeup

underneath the mask at all

and we can all embrace the mask knee

patches together

a little combination i've been loving on

the eyes i've been having a rediscovery

love moment

with the mac groundwork paint pot

it's the most lovely lovely shade for my

eyeballs and i've just been

putting this all over and it is a creamy

little paint pot but they do set quite


and i just take a little brush and rub

that around my eyeball

and then as jamie genevieve taught us i

like to

go in with a little bit of bronzer at

the end just to kind of

spread it out and blend it out a little

bit more so i take a little layer of the


i blend that out and it's kind of just i

mean it essentially looks like my

bronzer but it's just

deep enough that it looks like a lovely

little layer

on my eyes and i just take that all over

and then i'll just take a little

layer of my bronzer and set that in over


and just kind of blend that out and make

it a little bit more

smoky looking but in a very natural

looking way

okay let's do the brows i'm still loving


little benefit brow micro filling pens

i've been using the darker one i don't

know how i feel sometimes i feel like a

darker brow sometimes i feel like

nothing at all and sometimes i just mix

the two

so we'll see how we feel today i'm gonna

start with the

medium brown and i'm going to draw some

lines here

i go between doing this before so brows

and sometimes i'll do it after

even though i prefer to do it after i

apply the soap brows because sometimes

when i put the soap brows on it can

remove the product but i do find that

this pen

works best when it's not going over top

of like a slippy product

like soap but sometimes i just have to

go in and fix it up a little bit because

the soap can

move it around if it hasn't set in so

i've been fiddling with the brows we're

working on it

just pressing in the soap brows getting

it all nice and

soapy let's go back let's go back to the

face and finish it up i gave it a moment

to just

sit and chill i'm going to use the vesca


highlight love this little thing so much

it's just the cutest little little mini


it's so pretty and i'm going to just

pat that on i'm gonna pat it and not

swipe it like i sometimes do

just because we haven't set in the face

with powder and i don't

want to swipe and move anything around

put that on the high points

nose cupid's bow and let's put that on

the inner corners as well

cute we are glowing okay i'm actually

going to skip ahead and just do

some liner really quick i'm going to use

the mac strip down

this is so broken and disgusting of mine

i've literally

like the cap the cap is busted

and cracked and all the words have

rubbed off on the package

so for the lips like there's so many lip

balms and lip glosses and lip products

that i love and that's the one thing

that i've not even been bothering with

for the most part

underneath the mask because it just gets

wiped off like there's been so many

instances where i've been so excited

i've done my makeup like even the new

like tower 28 glasses i've been like


and i put it on and then i'm going to

leave out the front door and i'm like

so when it comes to the lips for the

most part i've been leaving them alone

but i will do a lip liner because

usually a good lip liner will

stay put nicely but i've been not doing

a whole lot on the lips guys i am gonna

i'm gonna be annoying because i'm pretty

sure this is forever discontinued at

this point but i did tell you the first

time i used this that it's gonna be my


fall blush shade and this is the the

charlotte tilbury color of passion

lip and cheek bomb so i am so sorry i'm

so sorry maybe there's somewhere you can

get your hands on it if you guys have

seen it anywhere

definitely let me know i'd love to have

backups forever that's for sure because

this is just the most beautiful

beautiful little shade

let's blend that out real quick yeah i'm

just gonna blend that out

with my beauty blender just re-expose

cecilia here with all of this touching

and then just for an extra little color

i'll just take a little bit of my finger

and just pat that in over top of the lip


this is pretty light it's more like a

stain when you're putting it on your


just like the perfect light berry shade

it's so

nice charlotte tilbury please god make


permanent for mascara i'm still using

and loving the marc jacobs

at lash this is probably getting gross

by now

yeah this is definitely going off you

know when a mascara starts to go off

when your eye

kind of reacts to the scent of it also

it just flaked immediately under my eye

she's going out wow today is the day

so i'm putting this on my upper lashes

and then guys you're gonna

you're gonna be shocked at what is next

guys i've been doing lower lashes i've

been taking the mac

extended play giga black lash which i

feel like is the classic mascara

that so many people have used for years

but i've really just been trying to

embrace this little

twiggy-esque lifestyle and i've been

putting this on

underneath and really just letting my

lower lashes live their life

i've been doing it only for about a week

now but it's been

kind of fun embracing what my mother has

given me

the one thing i will note though when i

am doing the lower lashes you definitely

have to put some powder on so i'm just


set this right underneath my eyes a

little bit

just because when you don't it'll get


juicy and oily together and that's when

you turn into a raccoon

and while we're here i'm actually just

gonna do a little dusting of powder

this is the charlotte tilbury airbrush

flawless filter

fall fall is finished flawless

flawless finish all right guys give one


spritz of the mac fix plus whatever

flavor suits your fancy you know i'm a

coconut gal

we'll take the hair down and let this

makeup live its life

oh so melted oh so

dewy ooh

see i could turn that into a mole i've

just tried turning

zits into moles before and i've been

incredibly unsuccessful so we'll just

let her have her day

alright guys so this is the finished

look this is my current

everyday lineup this lovely slightly

cooler more wine shaded

makeup for fall very hydrated dewy base

as the

quinns get cooler i am but embracing the

weather that is here in canada i hope

you enjoyed

this look all the products i used on my

face will be linked in the description

box down below if you like this video

do give it a big thumbs up and subscribe

to my channel if you want to see more

videos from me thanks so much for

watching guys and i'll see you all very

soon for a new video





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