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Saturday, October 3, 2020

The Food's That Helps Men's Prostate Cancer Health


prostate cancer

Today I am going to talk about prostate cancer health and  food that support prostate function. Also, some cool staff, so you guys can take care of your prostate health. Not many people, but specially many guy's know that prostate cancer is very common in over the man of age 50.

It's approximate that one in three men over the age of 50 will tap into prostate cancer at some part of later part of their life.

This is a crazy statistic but guys the thing is its prostate cancer is common. You guys even know what your numbers are for your prostate function.

So, my dear readers if you are not even familiar with what even prostate and prostate cancer is! Prostate is gland that's not just a part of the male reproductive system that wraps around the male urethra near the bladder.

There have been a little too much info for you but guys just know that the prostate controls a lot of the body sexually.

So, prostate health and prostate cancer, are you at risk?

I said man over 50 are more susceptible to prostate cancer. What is the early onset of prostate cancer look like. If you guys have any difficulty in urination, it's slow week trickle it couldn't be frequent but not much is coming out even when it is painful to pee maybe a sign of prostate cancer.

What about blood in the urine that's an absolute sign that there is something not right in your prostate. Even erectile dysfunction or painful ejaculation could be a sign of prostate cancer.

Now, also what prostate cancer does to in that area it could increase in the hip's spine. If you have those symptoms, I will recommend you to consult a doctor and confirm by further test to be sure about prostate cancer.

You have to get checked by the doctor, if you have any of those symptoms of prostate cancer. If you went to a doctor the doctor going to tell you to do some prostate cancer test.  Now, there is a couple of different kind of test to find prostate cancer. 

A lot of people know that the PS(Prostate Test) and also there is a new thing called PHI test that stand for Prostate Health Index.

In PHI, it is a combination of three blood tests to find out prostate cancer. This is a lot more accurate than the other test for prostate cancer. It's exactly showing three times more effective for detecting prostate cancer in men.

Go talk to your doctor, even if you don't have a symptom it is still good to take prostate cancer test just to see where are your prostate levels are. We got that taken care of your prostate you need to see your doctor for prostate cancer.

If you have prostate cancer or not these couple of things you should be doing regardless again and again. You have prostate cancer or not these things are going to help support a healthy prostate but also help to decrease your risk for prostate cancer.

Kegel Exercise To Prevent Prostate Cancer: A lot of women know what I'm talking about, not many men know what I'm talking about. Kegel exercises are designed to strengthen the pelvic floor, as we know the prostate gland is within the part of the body. The pelvic are doing certain kegel exercises pretty much just puckering the sphincter, that's a kegel exercise. 

So, that is going to help strengthen the all muscles surrounded in through urethra for the men. Definitely do your kegel exercise if you have  or are concerned about prostate cancer. Another thing you should be taking or included into your diet are green leafy vegetables.

Green leafy vegetables are phenomenal in helping decrease the risk of prostate cancer and do you know why is that? Because they are loaded with antioxidant, they also boost your immune system which will help decrease prostate cancer in your body. 

Another thing called tomatoes are awesome for prostate cancer because they've got a thing called lycopene and also zinc. Zinc has a naturally effective boosting property that has been proven to show benefits for those guys with prostate cancer.

One more thing you could be doing, you know that to fight with prostate cancer we have to have really a good immune system. Saw Palmetto Berries are the most common herb or supplement to support prostate gland. 

It's naturally occurring and it's been shown to boost your immune system properties, and we know that in order to fight prostate cancer this immune system is important.

Those four things,

Kegel Exercise

Green Leafy Vegetables,

Tomatoes and

Saw Palmetto Berry.

Let's talk about green leafy vegetables again, how do you get green leafy vegetables into your diet? Obviously you can eat a salad but that's a very small dosage of leafy green vegetables. The best way to get green leafy vegetables is juicing or blending and drink it. You can get all the good enzymes in that drink that all you need. 

So, guys throw your green leafy vegetables in the blender, throw some tomatoes and try to keep it alkaline that means to keep it not as acidic as like an orange juice or lemonade things. You are making your juice, don't put a lot of sweet to get a good test. 

Because sweetness equals sugar and so what sugar does, it raises acidity in the body and also it can add some way to the body which is never good for your body and especially for prostate cancer. Drink your vegetables if you can't eat them.

The last thing I want to give you is the number one tip for prostate cancer health and it might come across a shock. It's diet. You guys got to fix your diet, one of the best way to decrease your risk for prostate cancer is having a good healthy diet. 

Also, a lot of people aren't familiar with decrease in animal protein and why is that? We all love protein but if you're concerned about or have prostate cancer animal protein could potentially set  you further into prostate cancer the reason why is somewhat unclear we know that hormones have a lot to do with what's pumped into protein.

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